Genuine Pall Friction Dampers® are provided only by Pall Dynamics Ltd. Beware of imitations.

Pall Dynamics Limited (PDL), founded in 1984, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing friction dampers with uncompromising emphasis on quality and integrity. Over the years, Pall Dynamics has earned an international reputation for excellence and is a world leader in friction dampers for seismic control.

Inspired by the principle of friction brake, Dr. Avtar Pall, a Ph.D in structural engineering, pioneered the development of “Pall Friction Dampers®” for the seismic control of buildings. Pall Friction Dampers significantly reduce the initial cost of construction while dramatically increasing the earthquake resistance against damage.

Friction dampers for buildings must possess reliable and stable performance over the life of building. Developing a reliable friction is very difficult and tricky. Over a period of more than a decade of research and development, the common problems in friction were successfully overcome by using specially treated surfaces and a unique manufacturing process.

Pall Friction Dampers have successfully undergone rigorous proof testing in the U.S and Canada. In 1985, the National Research Council of Canada tested 3-story frame structures on a shaking table at the University of British Colombia, Vancouver. In 1986-1987, the U.S. National Science Foundation tested a 9-story frame structure on a shaking table at the University of California at Berkeley. The structures were subjected to more than 20 different major earthquake records. Even for an earthquake 5 times stronger than the 1985-Mexico earthquake, the frames equipped with friction dampers remained damage free.

Pall Friction Dampers are well recognized and accepted by building codes in Canada, the U.S and other countries.

The first building with seismic dampers in North America was built with Pall Friction Dampers (1987). Pall Friction Dampers are finding increasing application worldwide for new construction as well as for retrofit of existing buildings. They have been used for the seismic protection of more than 250 major buildings in the U.S., Canada, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Philippines and Mexico. Some of the building projects completed are:

  • USA: Boeing Commercial Airplane Factory at Everett - the world's largest building in volume, five Boeing Development Center Buildings and Boeing 737MAX project at Seattle; Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco - California's largest project of 2001; ACC Sharp Hospital, San Diego; Monterey County Government Center; St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma; 3-Million Gallon Water Tank, Sacramento; Alaska Airline Hangar, Seattle; Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles, Pall Friction Dampers are used as Load Limiting Device to control Dancing Floor vibrations.  
  • Canada: Justice Headquarters, Ottawa; Nortel Laboratories, Ottawa; St. Vincent Hospital, Ottawa; National Defence Laboratory, Ottawa; Canadian Space Agency Headquarters, Saint Hubert; Casino de Montreal; Provincial Police Headquarters, Montreal; Palace de Congress Expansion, Montreal; St. Justine Hospital, St. Luc Hospital and Jewish General Hospital in Montreal; Montreal General Hospital; Concordia University's Library Building, Engineering / Computer Science / Visual Arts Building and Molson Business School, Montreal; Life Science Complex, McGill University, Montreal; ÉcoleTechnologieSupérieur (ETS), Montréal.
  • Mexico: Torre Cuarzo Office Tower (600 ft. high), 2026 Reforma, Mexico City. In this high-rise building Pall friction dampers up to 1950 kip (8675 kN) capacity and stoke ±7.5” (190 mm) – world’s largest damper, are used. The tower under construction is likely to be completed in 2016.
  • India:Several buildings are being designed and built under Technology Transfer of Know-How to UNITECH Ltd., New Delhi, India (for use in Unitech buildings only).
  • Others: Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China; Canadian Embassy in Tehran, Iran; Canadian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan; Hospitals TUNAL, Bogota, Colombia; Hospital Fray Barolome de las Casa, Colombia; Hospital San Vincente de Paul, Bogota, Colombia; Hospital Valle de Lili, Colombia; Hospital SanJuan des Dios, Colombia; Nescafe Coffee Warehouse, Dosquebradas, Colombia; Big Gossan Paste Plant, P.T. Freeport, Indonesia; SunPower Manufacturing Plant, Laguna, Philippines.


Technology Transfer of Know-How:  If a large segment of society in earthquake prone countries is to benefit, the friction dampers should be locally manufactured so that they are less expensive to make and affordable to all. This can be achieved through Technology Transfer of know-how to manufacture quality Pall friction dampers. Reputed companies, interested in acquiring Know-How for the manufacture and marketing of Pall Friction Dampers should contact PDL::






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